Welcome to the website of Dr. Michael Hittman. You will find the following links to events in jazz, Native American studies, and other professional activities.

Podcasts (audio & visual  & photographs): “In The Pocket: The Smart Jazz Radio Talk Show” (former “Sounds”): 2002-2009 interviews originally broadcast on WLIU fm 88.3, The Long Island University Public Radio Station.

M & M Jazz Salon Series: Audios & Videos & Photographs Brooklyn Paramount Conference Series.

Available for purchase through Creative Seminars:

“Remembering Jazz at the Brooklyn Paramount (2004) “Remembering Vaudeville at the Brooklyn Paramount” (2007),

“Remembering Clay Cole & The Rock & Roll Years at the Brooklyn Paramount” (2009),

“The Coaching & Teaching Legacy of Clair Bee” (2010)

Native American Books (Wovoka & The Ghost Dance, University of Nebraska Press, Corbett Mack, University of Nebraska Press, Publications of the Yerington Paiute Tribe)

Lectures: “Native American & The Bicentennial,” 1976 (Available for sale through Creative Seminars)

Other lectures: WBAI Upcoming Events

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